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Have you hugged your 540 today?


These are being closed out...all lights are $10.00 each...including shipping. The LED lights not assembled into the drain plug are $5.00 each for close out. They are pretty damn bright LED lights and looking at this light will put tears in your eyes and make you see spots for several minutes. These are 12 volt LEDs and they work great with a life span of 100,000 hours. I have them in white, green, red, blue and yellow. This LED will replace your 1/2 inch pipe plug in your transom. If you want one of these, go to my "Contact US" page and fill it out and I will contact you. Payment is thru Pay-Pal or a money order.

This is a motorcycle "carry-all" rack that we build for most bikes. You can get this with the "tote-box" or not...your choice. Without the tote-box, you can put your bag on the back and strap it down and go on your adventure keeping a low center of gravity with no effects on control of the bike. Go to my YOU TUBE channel to see more pics of this rack. Copy & paste...

This is a height adjustable out drive removal/install stand. It fits a Mercruiser Bravo and Alpha drive as well as an OMC and Volvo. You should pull your drive at least once a year to grease the splines as well as do a visual inspection of the gimbal bearing and baffles. This stand will save you back pain making the removal and re-assembly a piece of cake.  Shipping out of the USA is possible. This stand weighs approximately 75 pounds and will ship either thru UPS or FedEx.

$305.00 plus shipping from zip code 76116 or pick it up in Fort Worth, Texas.