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About Us

Our business is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the highest importance. We are committed to meeting those needs and as a result, a high percentage of our business is from customer referrals and repeat customers who want to refresh or upgrade their Mercruiser type engine(s) without breaking the bank.

We are a small business and we do not keep any engines in stock, but we do keep a limited amount of different parts in stock. We mainly custom build engines or rebuild your stock engine and our cost on new engines or rebuilding your engine is usually less than half of what the big name builders charge, and we use the same quality parts that they do and in some cases, better parts. Each performance "Bullet" is custom built to your request...just what you ask for. We do not charge an arm or a leg to have a good performance engine and just because you pay a high dollar for an engine, that is not a guarantee that you will have a good engine...regardless of "WHO" builds it. Feel free to contact any of our customers on YOU TUBE or ask us for the contact information. Do a search on YOU TUBE for "MotorsbyShooter" and you can see for yourself our many happy customers and contact them thru YOU TUBE.

We mainly build marine high performance engines...540 cubic inch BBC, but we also get request for car/truck and racing motors from 350 cu in to 622 cu in. How about a 800+ HP 540 motor to race with or some big power...up to 1500 HP+? We use, in our opinion, the best parts money can buy and we "skimp" on nothing. What you get from us is a custom built, very reliable motor with no "BS" fabricated horsepower numbers (like one so called performance engine builder does up at Lake Texoma) and no cop-out excuses...just a solid motor! Our customers rely on our attention to detail...the quality of our work and fair pricing for our products. Our name...MotorsbyShooter...might not be as famous as some other builders, but we dont have a big overhead or charge extra to have our name on the motor and the most important thing to remember...I BUILD YOUR MOTOR...not an employee...not a friend and not Harvey the rabbit...I build it...meaning the "BUCK" stops right here with me! But keep in mind, if you are looking for a motor that is blow-up-proof...that motor does not exist...not with me and not with anyone else no matter how much you pay for it...however, I have never had a motor returned to me for a warranty issue of any kind. The parts that the big name builders use are the exact same parts that I use such as Dart Big M blocks, Brodix heads, Callias cranks, Manley rods, JE pistons and custom grind cams. We will rebuild your motor using your parts if you prefer, or we will start from scratch and build a new motor. And so that you will know ahead of time, we do not use any type of rotating kits and dont even ask about using a Eagle kit. I will not allow any Eagle products on the property. BTW, all of my engines are internally balanced and dyno pulls are done on a Super Flow 902 dyno. We do  not do fuel injection...only old school engines that use a carb.

Our services also include winterizing, tuneups, parts, drives, oil changes, replacement parts and general maintenance such as impeller replacement, wash & wax and the usual cleanup. We can also do work on your trailer, trailer bunks, wheels, bearings, brakes and/or lights.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and build a quality "bullet" for your boat or car. If you would like more information, pricing, or if you just have questions on whatever...just ask...advice and suggestions for your current motor is always available and we will go out of our way to help you.

We require a 60% deposit to get started on a new motor or to rebuild your current motor because we have had too many "clowns" tell us that they want a motor, when they cant afford to buy a bottled water. The balance on your motor is due when it has been completed and it is ready for you to pick up or it is ready for shipment. We can also build a short block and then you can put your parts on it. You will need to add your accessories and exhaust. We can provide everything if this is what you need or want, but you will need to contact us so that we have in writing exactly what you want and we can provide any type exhaust system for you. I strongly recommend the Eddie Marine manifolds over headers.

Contact us for pricing if you want us to refresh your current motor. The prices will vary depending on what you want done to it.

All N/A motors carry a one year warranty, supercharged motors carry 30 days.

You are welcome to come by anytime to just shoot the bull, talk boats, motors, motorcycles or whatever. My place is small but it is functional and there is always something to drink with a place to sit down.

Customer references are available...just ask. Please fill out the "CONTACT FORM" with an email address and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Thank you,

Paul "Shooter" Slonaker



Fort Worth, TX 76179



Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM...most times later

Sat: 10AM - whenever??

Sun: normally closed but if you need us